Wellness Policy

Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. 

Key areas include:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.

SCH Wellness

SCH Wellness Committee Members

              Council Members

Sarah Ligon- Director of Health Services 

Lea Bell, Physical Education Teacher ACC

Christine Clarahan - Director of Food and Nutrition Services    

Donna Cooper, Administrative Asst. Human Resources

Marsha Frey, Asst. Principal            

Barbara Gustin, Head Start Director

Kyla Hanson, Irving Parent/Volunteer PTA

Larry Hare -Director of Operations

Anna Jacobs - Insurance Coordinator

Becky Lively, SCH PTA President

Theresa Mince- Purdue Extension

Brien Nash, SCH Student

Mary Beth Nickolaou- Asst. Principal

Rebecca Tilton- Franciscan Alliance


Wellness Programs                                                      

PACE- Physically Active Company Employee Program

Health Clubs Offering Corporate Discounts to SCH

Hepatitis B- Resource Center      

Flu Shots- Flu Prevention - Flu facts                               

Blood Screening- SCH Health & Wellness screening                                                      


10,000 Steps- How many steps do you walk a day?






The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics- Eating Right: Home Food Safety, Food Allergies, Healthy Weight

Cooking with Kids- Find kids recipes that are easy, quick and cheap

Children's Recipes

PBS ParentsCooking together can be a delicious learning experience for children and their parents.



Making it easier for Americans to understand and make better  food choices.                                                                                                   

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Information for You

Healthy Fundraising & Healthy Celebrations- Promoting a Healthy School Environment

Whooping Cough & Tdap VaccineGet the Facts about the Vaccine      

Call a CHC Wellness Health Coach Today!

A Health Coach can help you set a personal health goal, create an action plan and recommend strategies.

E- Learning Wellness Tutorials

There are over 500 topics to choose from, including: Asthma, Back pain, Depression, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Eating Healthy, Stress management, Cancer, Smoking, +100s more

Carrying,  Body Mechanics, Lifting Zone and When you Lift- Safe Lifting and Carrying

American Cancer Society- Learn about cancer, its risk factors, prevention, treatment and more.

Aetna- Access your Aetna account, as well as health & wellness information.

Mayo- Health Information and Patient Care

CHC Wellness- Blood Screening and Wellness Services

WebMD- Better Information, Better Health

American Heart Association- Learn and Live. Getting Healthy.  How they can help your Heart!


                                                  Local Community Health Links:

                 St. Margaret's Hospital, Hammond/Dyer                          St. Catherine Hospital, East Chicago

    St. Anthony's, Crown Point           Community Hospital, Munster              St. Mary Medical Center, Hobart